Chinese export porcelain tea bowl and saucer, c. 1730, Yongzheng reign, Qing dynasty - SOLD

  • Antique Chinese porcelain

Chinese export porcelain eggshell tea bowl and saucer decorated in Famille Rose palette enamels and silver with ladies riding horses, c. 1730, Yongzheng reign, Qing. dynasty.

Ladies on horse back are a recurrent theme in porcelain decoration during the Kangxi reign in Famille Verte enamels, Imari or under glaze cobalt blue. Also during the early years of the Yongzheng period the same theme was used but in the more fashionable Famille Rose enamels. 

These theme may derive from the “Yang Jia Jiang” (The Generals of the Yang Familly) written during the Ming dynasty by Yong Damu.

This is the story of Northern Song women of the Yang family training for mounted combat against the Liao dynasty invaders from Manchuria after all the male member of the family have been killed in earlier combats.

The emperor Kangxi used literary and historical narratives as political propaganda to consolidate the new Manchu dynasty amongst his Chinese subjects.  

Loyalty and sacrifice are perennial ideals since early days in the Chinese society.

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