Chinese porcelain bowl, base with "yongqing changchun" mark, Tongzhi/Guangxu (1862/83)

  • Antique Chinese porcelain
  • Antique Chinese porcelain

Chinese porcelain bowl decorated in famille rose (Fencai) palette opaque enamels with tree peonies, branches entwined with wisteria and a mynah bird on a green ground; rim with Daya Zhai (Studio of great elegance) and oval cartouche with tiandi yijia chun (Heaven and Earth harmonious as one family); base with four character iron-red mar in two lines reading yongqing changchun (enduring spring eternally celebrated). Tongzhi/Guangxu (1862/83), Qing dynasty, ø 12,6 cm, 5 in 
A similar bowl but with a yellow ground from the Percival David Foundation, now at the British Museum, London, with the number PDF A838 is illustrated in Rare Marks in Chinese Ceramics by Ming Wilson, pp. 40/41.

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