Small Chinese porcelain cup, dated to 1909 and of the period, Qing dynasty.

  • Antique Chinese porcelain
  • Antique Chinese porcelain

Small Chinese porcelain cup decorated in under-glaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with stylized lotus heads and leaves, the base with the eight-character mark of Xuantong reading Xuantong jiyou Yichuntang zhi (Xuantong jiyou year made for the Hall of Appropriate Spring), corresponding to 1909 and of the period, Qing dynasty, d. 8 cm, 3¼ in. Fitted silk box. 9-15128 

Provenance: Old R. and V. Tregaskis Collection.


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â—† Ming Wilson in his above mentioned seminal work says “Yichun Tang (Hall of Appropriate Spring) was the studio name of Liu Shiheng (1875-1926), alias Juqing, native of Guichi, Anhui. An unofficial biography describes him as an ardent collector.” There are bowls dated 1909 and 1910 all decorated in under-glaze cobalt blue and all of the same size.

中國瓷青花蓮紋小盃,器身繪折枝蓮葉,器底書 “宣統己酉、宜春堂制 ” é›™è¡Œå…«å­—款。1909年, æ¸…宣統,口徑8釐米,3¼英吋。

藏品來源: R. å’ŒV. Tregaskis舊藏。


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â—† Ming Wilson在他的研究中提及:宜春堂為劉世珩堂號。 åŠ‰ä¸–珩(1875-1926),字聚卿,安徽 è²´æ± äººã€‚據非正式的傳記記載,劉世珩是一名收藏愛好者。” é€™é¡žåŒå°ºå¯¸çš„青花碗標記年份分別為 1909å¹´å’Œ1910年。

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