Chinese porcelain cup decorated with the 'Seven Regal Treasures', Daoguang.

  • Antique Chinese porcelain
  • Antique Chinese porcelain
  • Antique Chinese porcelain
  • Antique Chinese porcelain

Chinese porcelain cup decorated with the 'Seven Regal Treasures', including the Wheel of the Law, the elephant, the horse, the jewel, a male deity, the Minister and the General, all supported on lotus blossoms and stylised waves, the interior has an open pink lotus bloom and the base with the iron-red 'baragon tumed' marks in Mongolian script, c. 1830, Daoguang reign, Qing dynasty, h. 6 am, 2¼ in; d. 8,5 cm, 3½ in. Fitted silk box (5111) 4-18265 


• Later Ceramics in South-East Asia, Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries, by B. Harrisson, 1995 Oxford, p. 71 for two bowls with different decoration at the Princessehof Museum, The Netherlands, 

• Qing Porcelain: Famille Verte, Famille Rose, by M. Beurdeley and G. Raindre, London 1987, p. 234, cat. 325 for other Bencharong patterns.

中國粉彩七政寶紋碗,碗外壁繪有法輪,大象,駿馬,珠寶,男神仙和兩位官員,皆立於蓮辦和水波之上,碗內畫盛開的粉色蓮花,碗底畫礬紅釉蒙文款,約1830年,清道光,高6釐米,2 ¼英吋;口徑8.5釐米,3 ½英吋。


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