Two large Chinese export porcelain plaques, Yongzheng.

  • Antique Chinese porcelain

Two large Chinese export porcelain plaques decorated
 in opaque enamels of the famille rose (fencai) palette with flower arrangements in vases and a wooden table (supported by tree roots) with scholars’ objects surrounded by a frame of large flowers and a narrower one in green enamel, c.1735, Yongzheng reign, Qing dynasty, size: 25x36 cm, 10x14in. 4.6040/4-19270 

Illustrated: 100 Years of Chinese Export Porcelain, by A. Varela Santos, 2014/2015, cat. 74.

â—† Porcelain plaques have been used in furniture in China for hundreds of years. These two are some of the earliest and largest known examples decorated in opaque enamels.

中國外銷瓷粉彩瓷板兩塊紋飾有插滿花卉的花瓶根雕木桌上擺著文房用具另繪有一由大朵 èŠ±å‰åœæˆçš„寬框和一綠彩窄框約1735年清雍 æ­£, 25x36釐米, 10x14英吋。

插图《百年中国外销瓷》 é˜¿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2014/2015, ç›®å½• 74。

â—† ç“·æ¿ç”¨æ–¼å®¶å…·åœ¨ä¸­åœ‹å·²æœ‰æ•¸ç™¾å¹´æ­·å²ã€‚此兩塊畫板是為人所知的最早最大的繪有粉彩紋飾的瓷板。

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