​Fine Chinese export porcelain spherical Bencharong box and cover, Jiaqing.

  • Antique Chinese porcelain

Fine Chinese export porcelain spherical Bencharong box and cover for the Asian market (Straits porcelain) decorated with two devas in famille rose (fencai) palette enamels, c. 1800, Jiaqing reign, Qing dynasty, h. 14 cm, 5½ in. Bespoke box. 4-19272


• Later Ceramics in South-East Asia, Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries, by B. Harrisson, 1995 Oxford, p. 71 for two bowls with different decoration at the Princessehof Museum, The Netherlands, GMP 1950.3 and GMP 1950.1 dated 1750-1850;

• Bencharong: Chinese Porcelain for Siam, by D.F. Rooney, 2017 Bangkok, p. 80 for a similar decorative pattern on pp. 10, 40, 64, 80, 95, 103, 104, 133, 149, 172 and 173.

â—† Deva (bright shining force) is a celestial being living in one of six heavens of Buddhist cosmology.



• ã€Šåå…­è‡³äºŒåä¸–紀晚期東南亞陶瓷》,作者B. Harrisson,1995年牛津出版,參見第71頁荷蘭尼德蘭公主瓷器博物館藏有兩件繪有不同紋飾的碗GMP 1950.3 åŠ GMP 1950.1,年代為1750-1850å¹´ï¼›

• ã€Šè³“乍隆:中國外銷泰國瓷器》,作者D.F. Rooney,2017年曼谷出版,見第80頁一件繪有相似紋飾的近似器,及第10、40、64、80、90、95、103、104、133、149、172及173頁幾件近似器。

â—† å¤©äººï¼ˆDeva)是指住於佛教諸天界之有情。

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